Monday, March 19, 2007

Scottish Nationalist (aka Bigotry) Party ...

You may or may not recall this item on this blog. I posted it awhile ago, arguing that the Scottish Nationalist Party is essentially lowering itself to a gutter driven political party. One of its MSP's proposed at the time that religious adoption agencies ought to be allowed to discriminate against same-sex potential adoptive parents. This was a clear attempt by the Catholic Church and its minions in parliament to undermine legislation designed to prevent unjust discrimination based (among other things) on sexual orientation. Despite public demands that the party take a stance on this issue, there was silence from the organisation's leadership.

I am 'pleased' to say that the party's efforts have finally paid off. It received a 500,000 GBP cheque in support of its election campaign from Brian Souter, a fundamentalist Christian and owner of transport company Stagecoach. Not a big surprise then that the party refuses to reply to queries from civil rights organisations demanding to find out what its stance is on equality related matters. This (very local, I know - apologies to readers slightly further afield...) is not completely insignificant as the SNP is set (according to virtually all opinion polls) to become the biggest party in the next Scottish parliament. So, a win for bigotry is quite possibly on the books. As the Romans said: Let the Buyer Beware.

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