Friday, March 09, 2007

German Logic

My German passport is running out some time in May this year. So, realising that in our globalised world we still have to keep local membership cards (passports), I went to one of the country's Consulates. I brought dutifully two passport photos along, cash, as well as my old passport. Not entirely unexpectedly, in this age of bitterly fighting terrorist's images, they were unhappy with my mugshots as they didn't fit exactly into the predetermined slot (I think there's too much space on both the left- and the right-hand side). So I had to go to a photographer who produces mugshots according to the book. Then I learn that I need my birth certificate, too. It's here where I kinda lost it. In order for me to have currently a valid German passport I must have a birth certificate to begin with. It's a conditio sine qua non. So, why ask me again? Beats me. Of course, it goes without saying that I didn't have it with me and needed to fax a copy the next day. Goes also without saying that the Consulate's fax line didn't work the next day etc etc.

The amount of time wasted by people making up such rules just defies belief (just scroll down to the KLM related item as their airport security operations are another case in point).

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