Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pope cures Parkinson's sufferer and my sadness

Pretty amazing! Pope John Paul II, the recently deceased arch conservative CEO of the Roman Catholic Church, is said to have cured miraculously one of his staff members from Parkinson's. Amazingly, he did this two months after he had died. The nun in question prayed to him for help, and the miracle occurred. I heard about the story yesterday on the BBC News. And guess what, something truly amazing, in fact another miracle, occurred, and again it was linked to Pope John Paul II. So, here's what happened. I was quite down, if not slightly depressed yesterday when I heard about the nun-related miracle. Incredibly, the moment the story was reported on the news program I burst into laughter, in fact I laughed so hard I started crying. Praise the Lord, umm Pope. A miracle. On hearing of the dead man's capacity to heal Parkinson's (triggered by something as innocent as a prayer), my sadness was rapidly replaced by roaring laughter, and I was full of joy.

I understand that this miracle production is due to the perceived need for the ex church CEO to become a 'saint'. I don't know what 'saints' are, but it seems many Catholics are quite keen to get their ex CEO made a 'saint' (may be the church equivalent to an OBE?). For John Paul (mark II) to get that honor he needs to be 'beatified' (beats me what that is), and that in turn requires a miracle.

The good news is that he's getting ever closer to the church OBE, because there's not one but two miracles: first, of course, the healed nun (can't beat that one), and then I was alleviated of my sadness. I'm sure if there's a few more such miracles a lot more laughter could be produced in a fairly cost-effective way. So, if your tummy itch disappeared when you saw John Paul II on the telly, give me a shout. I will collect all the necessary miraculous evidence to ensure he gets his church OBE quickly. Least one can do for that old sod.

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