Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Israeli diplomacy in action - sort of

I am sure you will have seen ambassadors in action. Suit, style, eternal boredom - most of the time. In recent years a bunch of Israeli diplomats have made it worthwhile looking out for nocturnal activities undertaken by senior Israeli diplomatic missions' staff. Tsuriel Raphael, for instance, was until very recently the Israeli ambassador to El Salvador. 'Until very recently' because he had to be recalled a day or two ago because he was found bound, gagged, and naked outside the diplomatic mission, wearing sado-masochistic paraphernalia. Guess, as long as he didn't hurt anyone against their wishes and he was only hurt because he wanted to, one should probably not bother too much about this case. One can understand, though, why he was recalled. Imagine him going to a reception with other ambassadors... no doubt he would not be able to handle the bickering behind his back - well, I couldn't.

Then there was that Israeli diplomat who was found dead in a Parisian hotel room with a woman who probably wasn't his wife. He suffered a cardiac arrest during a sex romp. Exciting times, no doubt.

And yes, there was also that comedian version of a diplomat who explained during a reception that Israel and Australia have much in common, as both are located in Asia, yet their peoples don't have the Asian characteristics of “yellow skin and slanted eyes.

Looking at this track record, it doesn't seem overly demanding to succeed as a diplomat. The challenges in terms of tactfulness and such things seem actually remarkably low.

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