Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thank you BMW

Not that I like BMW (the brand and most of its cars), but I am delighted about the company's decision to withdraw its Formula 1 sponsorship (and team, I hope). Seriously, in an age where everyone's going on about reducing energy wastage, we got guys driving around in circles in overpowered racing cars. I wonder how many people watch this stuff hoping to see the next big accident. Anyhow, another major team down... few to go :0).

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  1. Since in BMW Sauber team there's a Polish driver it became almost national sport here. One of the most watched Polish tv channel (normal - not a sport-related) bought tv live coverage - I have even seen it a few times, and this is so boreing. Rounds counting it's actually the one thing that I noticed to change.

    - sorry for my english.


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