Thursday, July 23, 2009

Militant theists

I owe this cartoon to Darragh Hare and obviously its creator (some things are being created after all :).


  1. Oh, those wacky, irreverent atheists.

    This reminds me of a common self-righteousness that one often hears from theists -- the complaint from them being that their views need to be "respected" and other such drivel. You rarely hear that from atheists, for two reasons I think: (1) atheists are rational thinkers who are more interested in discussion than in havin any of their cherished (non-)beliefs protected by politeness, and (2) atheists don't have anything to be ashamed of.

    I truly believe that deep down in the sanctimonious hearts and heads and (ahem) souls of many theists, there is the admission -- that they won't admit to themselves -- that it's all bunk. And so they need to protect themselves from considering the rationally obvious, but making sure that atheists don't remind them of such bunk.

    End of rant.

  2. I've seen this point made before, but this cartoon does it in a really cute way.

  3. Glad these are going down well.

    We all know that Udo is a stickler for accurate references, so I feel that I should tell you where I got this cartoon. I found it on Brother Richard's excellent blog, Life Without Faith:


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