Monday, September 29, 2008

Farewell to the genocidal duo

Good bye to Thabo Mbeki and his health prevention side-kick Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, formerly health minister of South Africa. Manto, like AIDS denialist Thabo was kicked out of the Presidency, was shafted from the health ministry during the ANCs recall of 'comrade Mbeki'. A lot of South Africans are worried about what might come unter Jacob Zuma, a shady Zulu warrior tainted by a substantial number of scandals including corruption and sexual conduct. But truth be told, what can be much worse than the AIDS policies of the Mbeki government, policies responsible for hundredthousands of preventable AIDS deaths among the impoverished Black majority population in the country. Mbeki also presided over the systematic undermining of state institutions (including the security services, the courts and the national broadcaster) into mouthpieces of his administration. Many South Africans seem to have forgotten already that the president of the South African Medical Association called - justifiably so - these Mbeki/Tshabalala Msimang policies 'genocidal'. It's a shame - as South Africans of all shades are fond of saying - that the country doesn't seem to have more competent politicians prepared to step up to the serious challenges the country faces. That being the case it seems somewhat inevitable that a vindictive paranoid (arguably antidemocratic) character such as Mbeki was replaced by a washed-up populist ala Jacob Zuma. Interesting times ahead for the rainbow nation... - Only the future will tell though whether Zuma really will do much worse than Mbeki.

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