Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Helping Alla Krasavica

Do you know Alla Krasavica? I don't. She's looking for 'love' (and, no doubt cash), and she's from Russia. She wrote to me... a nice letter, ending with a request for my details. She also wants me to pick her up at an Australian airport (it's unclear to me why she would have written to a South African email address used by a gay guy to achieve that objective, but hey, like her Nigerian counterparts... brain is usually not the strongest feature of these scam artists).

Well, in case you feel like getting fleeced by Alla, here's her message to me ('her' contact details are at the end):

Greetings from Russia to you dear friend!!!
I hope, that this letter will cause you interest.
It is possible this letter will change our destinies... I ask you to give some minutes and to read my history.
For the First! This letter from agency of dating of the internet.
I have given them this letter and to me has told, that they will send it to the Australia.
My name - Alla. I - from Russia, Saint Petersburg.
I’m - 27 years old woman. My Birthday March, 14 1981.
I want to tell you that was happened with me. Some time ago I have got acquainted through Internet with the man. His name is Patrick from Sidney. We began to correspond with each other. Shortly we had sympathies to each other. I would not tell that it there was a love, but the sympathy was big. We have thought that our relations should leave on a new stage and both wished a meeting. I have collected all necessary documents, and in September I receive the visa.
But that there was further it awfully. Patrick has written to me that is not ready to serious relations with me and would not want that I came. It has very strongly shaken me, I did not expect that he can do it... I cried and did not know what to do, I was deceived.
I want to forget this awful liar faster. And to use the chance which has dropped out to me.

The purpose of my letter: I shall receive the Visa of the Visitor of the Australia on September.
I want to arrive to the Australia, but I have no any friends or familiar who
can meet me on airport. I really hope, that you can do it for me.

But if you will answer to me I will write more about me and about my life.
Probably we can develop our relations also.
So, please, write to me on my E-mail:
I hope, that you will have interest after reading my letter.
Also I have interest too. Please inform me:
1 - your name?
2 - your city?
3 - your age?
4 - to send me your photo also?
5 - would you like to meet the woman for love?

Please reply only my personal e-mail:

Ok, I will close for now, but I will wait your answer so much!!!
I really hope that you will give me chance to have meeting!!!
Waiting for your answer,
Yours friend Alla from Russia.


  1. After reading your blog I was shattered that I wasn't specially selected by an attractive Russian woman, and I live in Australia!
    Yes folks this is well and truely a scam, "she" has targeted me a couple of times with different reply emails as listed
    also John Cho at mit

  2. You should arrange to meet her at Sydney airport, and see what happens.No doubt a request for some cash for her travels will be next.

  3. I replied etc. etc. I got many beautiful pictures from this perso of a lovely young lady... Whom fell in love with me almost instantly ...
    Kept me informed as to the Visa application etc.
    Got the visa and then asked for $1400 to support her trip here but it would only be a lone...? Yeah right...
    I refused and nolonger got her e-mails or her lovely pictures....

  4. LoL! Why do things like this not happen to sinlge lonely lesbians? Oh well, I'll just wiat my tunr for some fun.


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