Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tom Cruise, $cientology and a truly hilarious video

Eish, I know it's not weekend, so I should not post something merely for its entertainment value, but everyone with even the slightest awareness of $cientology will know that these folk are a fairly litigious bunch. I thought, however, I should furnish you with a link to a video on youtube where your truly, Ueber$cientologist Tom Cruise, introduces $cientology.

The Economist reports this week (I'm quoting so $cientology can't sue me :-), that the group (the 'Church' inc.) offers, among other things, 'expensive courses of treatment [that] can help rid people of infestations by alien souls from an extinct civilisation'. Honestly, they're for real. The 'Church' was invented by former scifi writer L Ron Hubbard, so you will probably understand how the alien souls popped into the story line.

Anyway, watch Cruise on his crusade for the Church of $cientology. You think he might just have lost his marbles . In case you have doubts about the marbles question, have a look at another performance at the 'Church'.

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  1. Aaaargh! But never fear: this seems to have pushed the buttons of a group of individuals who go by the moniker "Anonymous". This group is now out to get the religion and destroy it! Watch these videos here and here And no, the voice narrating isn't Stephen Hawking ...


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