Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Addicted to caffeine - and proud of it (hehehehe)

I just love the scienceblogs. Here's a totally brilliant piece celebrating - umm, reviewing - the advantages (and mentioning the negligible disadvantages) of going heavy on coffee (as I do). You'll think faster, memorize better, avoid all sorts of illnesses and battle stained teeth. Go for it! Well worth a read!

I even discovered that there's (at long long long last) caffeine infused soap to ease the waking-up process in the morning (ie have a nice shower and apply the soap liberally to your skin).


  1. Hey, Udo! Desperate to find out more about what's arguably man's greatest invention, I perused the link you provided, which tells me all there is to know about some castle which rejoices in the name of Herbstmonceux. The one thing that wasn't mentioned, though, was coffee, although they do seem to include it in their meal plan, along with things like tea and cocoa (yeccchhh). Can I have the real thing now, please?

  2. Mea culpa! Yo, you're right. I must have been low on da coffee! Anyway, I fixed the wrong link :).


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