Saturday, June 30, 2007

Globespan follow-up, attack on Glasgow airport

Well, (see posting below) Globespan wasn't as bad for me as it could have been. We did not crash. Our plane departed only an hour late, because too few stewards and stewardesses bothered showing up for work (no kidding, we were waiting for replacements to drop in so we could finally leave Glasgow). The food in Globespan's business class and the service provided by its staff were immaculate (mind you, not up to Virgin standards, but then, their prices were several light years below Virgin's, too). The plane was an ageing (ex Iceland Air) 757-200. The business class consisted of a few leather seats with minimal recline that probably have seen better times during their long life-span. There were no individual inflight entertainment units, not even in business class (in other words, worse than Virgin's economy).

On arrival in Hamilton we were greeted by a cheerful ground staff member who said that we were lucky to be only an hour late, as the day before the airline managed to organise a 22 hour delay... so, in balance, you're probably better off not to consider this airline for your travel purposes.

On a more cheerful note, let me assure you that I am entirely innocent and was not involved in this!

I guess I was also lucky for another reason. Had I arrived just one day later, I would not have been able to leave Toronto to go to Kingston, because militant indigenous people decided to block train tracks (possibly for good reasons). So, all trains were canceled.

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