Sunday, June 10, 2007

Paris Hilton --- it's Sunday today after all

Apologies to all and sundry who expect something reasonably important in this spot ------ every day :). It's Sunday today. I just read in the German news magazine SPIEGEL a truly well written story about Paril Hilton's stint in prison. Of course, most readers of this blog will not read German and there's not too much point rehashing the story of the spoilt heiress to a huge fortune who was finally sentenced to 40+ days in jail for repeated drunk-driving offences. This sort of behaviour (drunk-driving) translated into nearly 20,000 surplus deaths in the USA last year alone. Anyway, check out this offer on a 'free paris movement's' website... a pink 'Free Paris' bracelet for 9.99 US$. It well and truly defies belief. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday if you're reading this during the weekend.

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