Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Robert Mugabe, mass murderer and failed statesman loses honorary doctorate

The University of Edinburgh will move today to strip Dr (hc) Robert Mugabe's honorary doctorate. He received it from the venerable institution in 1984 for his services toward education in Africa. Well, he also happened to have been master minding the Matabeleland massacres on his home turf at about the same time. Here's a recent report from a Catholic Church organisation in Zimbabwe about the issue. It took Edinburgh University only 20 or so odd years to discover this small matter. The university now is about to decide to strip Dr (hc) Robert Mugabe of his honorary title. Bit late, but good on them.


  1. This morning BBC said : Under Mugabe the once richest Zimbabwe is now the hungriest with twenty thousand percent increase in inflation.
    Isn't this world record sufficient for the old murderer.
    Yet his neighbours look upon him as hero. The KK, Kenneth Kaunda, holds a brief for Mugabe and blames the British inactivity of land reform under Tony Blair as the cause of this inflated inflation.
    The willy KK does not touch upon the land grabs of Mugabe.
    Sir, why are such leaders of men so blind to the obvious?

  2. Look for Mugabe`s and interviews and speeches and listen to what he himself is saying and then you can talk about his understandably instead of listening only reading reports from his opponents and drawing blurred conclusions.The CNN AND BBC will always manipulate stories to suit them.Mugabe has not made good choices but his story is too one sided because it comes from people he seized back his poor citizens stolen land from. This very biased reporting led to the man hunt and brutal murder of Gadaffi.Who punsihed or blamed Bush. He said " I `m sorry" and that was all.I hope his brother`s oil company in Iraq is doing well.


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