Tuesday, April 17, 2007

You can do something against violent gun crime in the USA

Yet another gun crime related carnage in the land of the free.32 innocent members of the university community at Virginia Tech University were gunned down by a shooter who seems to have subsequently turned his gun on himself and committed suicide. True to form born-again Christian George W Bush, President of that country and a true fanatic as far as the 'right' of US Americans is concerned to bear arms, goes on national TV. He goes on waffling about a good God (you might recall, the omniscient, good, all-powerful entity that somehow failed to stop this carnage), and grieving heavily with the families who lost their loved ones, yet failing to make any noise whatsoever about the need to control the all-too-easy access to guns in his country. In Virginia effectively everyone above the age of 18 can legally purchase handguns without any background checks whatsoever. Big surprise that in this society there's about one or two such slaughter events per year, yet nothing happens re gun control.
You can do your bit to change that situation by supporting organisations such as stop the nra (the nra is the national rifle association of america). Incredibly as it may sound, but some 30,000 US American die each year in that country from injuries inflicted by gun shot wounds.

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