Monday, April 09, 2007

(Hopefully) the UK's last homeopathic 'hospital' to close its doors soon

The Observer newspaper reports that the UK's last homeopathic 'hospital' might be about to be closed because the NHS's Primary Care Trusts will refuse to reimburse patients 'treated' there. That's pretty good news. I doubt anyone other than avowed homeopathy fans such as the Queen (yep, HRM etc etc) and her son Prince Charles will miss the outfit. Surely, as a matter of public policy it cannot be that tax monies are being spend on 'treatments' of truly unknown benefit. There is no (I am not exaggerating here) independent scientific evidence supporting the idea that homeopathy works. So, if patients are keen on placebos, we should be able to find a slightly cheaper way than a costly 'hospital' requiring millions of tax monies every year for its up-keep. It is surely unethical to waste health resources that could be poured into buying and distributing medicine proven to work.

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