Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pretty scary things - comfort food among them

I went with a colleague to a place called Dallas BBQ in Brooklyn. I can recommend it to you as a true local experience. It's usually jam packed with mostly substantially obese folks of all ages - I take that back, not all ages, there are only few elderly people, because obesity leads to the premature death of far too many people. Anyway, Dallas BBQ is a steak, ribs, fried onion rings, fries, margarita type place that serves gigantically oversized portions of essentially junk 'food' at fairly low/reasonable prices. I got to be honest, I greatly enjoyed the atmosphere in this place. The staff were friendly and the folks feasting themselves to death were remarkably cheerful. I particularly 'enjoyed' parents ensuring that their newborns get addicted to the same type of food so that they can also die premature deaths. I mean, if the idea of 'child abuse' makes any sense at all, it needs to incorporate such stuff, too.

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