Friday, January 26, 2007

Islamic School chains kid

G.M.B. Akash won the World Press Photo Award for this photo of a youngster in chains in an Islamic School in Bangladesh. The boy's crime? He ran twice away from that school... - Since publication of the photo in a Nepalese magazine Mr Akash has been at the receiving end of murder threats by angry Muslims. Another case of shooting (well, not yet) the messenger.

post scriptum 05/02/2007: Someone emailed me today to advise that Akash won the WPP Award for a different photo. Not that this makes a great deal of difference to the rest of the story, but if he did't win it for this photo, I thought some might wish to know. I certainly do not want to leave you with wrong impressions about the picture. - I have no way to verify this claim or the initial claim, so fel free to investigate in case you want to know :).

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