Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hogmanay hogwash

Many New Year parties in the Uk had to be cancelled due to atrocious weather conditions at the end of last year. In fact, sitting in my living room in Glasgow I was glad I had not to go out and brace myself for gale force winds and torrential rainfalls. Strangely though, while organisers in places such as Liverpool and Manchester cancelled their shows in the early afternoons organisers in Edinburgh only cancelled their's in the late evening. About 100,000 prospective revellers were subsequently stuck in Edinburgh without any reasonable alternatives. Not only didn't it occur to the organisers to have an alternative indoors venue in place ( considering the weather conditions were pretty precisely predicted by the weather bureau), but they also ensured the folks were truly stuck in Edinburgh and would only be able to leave the next day. So, while the local tourism-reliant economy boomed that time around, one wonders whether prospective party goers will learn their lessons and stay clear of Edinburgh, as undoubtedly they should. After all, they now know that they will not be told early enough that Edinburgh's Hogmanay will be cancelled, until it is too late for them to leave Edinburgh and go somewhere else.

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