Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bioethics - Expanding Scope

Exciting changes are coming to Bioethics. Our publisher has, essentially, removed the page limitations on our budget. That provides us, of course, with growth opportunities. We have decided, informally, to begin reviewing papers that are primarily empirical in nature and/or that are primarily legal analyses. In the past we rejected such manuscripts, typically, as desk-rejects (ie the decision was made by us Editors without further review). We will now be able to accommodate such manuscripts, provided they have significant implications for bioethics. To facilitate the competent review of such submissions we have secured in-principle agreement from two colleagues in our field, who are in the process of being appointed as Associate Editors to the journal's Editorial Board. Once that paperwork between them and the publisher is sorted out, we will formally announce who is joining the team at the journal. At that point in time our informal current arrangement will become our formal new policy. 

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