Thursday, April 12, 2018

Back to blogging - stuff is happening :)

I have been pretty quiet on the blogging frontiers during the last few months. I have been juggling various manuscripts, including a book manuscript, as well as teaching, so basically I was too tired to blog much (well, too tired to blog at all).

Anyhow, so here's an update:

Issue CoverRuth Chadwick and I managed to send a first rough draft of our textbook to Wiley to have it externally reviewed. It will need quite a bit more work, but we hope to get this done during the summer months.

I have a lengthy review article on the ethics of Conscientious Objection accommodation in the British Medical Journal. You can find it here. 

The title is: Conscientious objection in medicine: accommodation versus professionalism and the public good.

IssuesI also, jointly with Justine Dembo and Jonathan Reggler have an Open Access paper in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry on medical aid in dying and depression. You can find it here.

The title is: 'For their own good': A Response to Popular Arguments Against Permitting Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) where Mental Illness Is the Sole Underlying Condition.

There is also a completed book chapter to report in a Palgrave MacMillan handbook on, I think, political philosophy. I did that jointly with an undergraduate student at Queen's, Benjamin Zolf.

And there are various Editorial type papers, including (in German) this one on the use of ethical deliberation in the decision-making on public health policy.

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