Sunday, January 23, 2011

Apologies for posting hiatus


I have been away in Europe for talks in Germany and Britain. I will be back in Canada by the end of this coming week, and I will be posting stuff again. Meanwhile, enjoy this link. Also, I was castigated by some religious nut in Canada last year about claims I made about patients in Catholic hospitals being unable to be certain that they'll received best standards of professional care due to conflicting ideological (pardon me, religious) teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. You might want to check out this link in the Washington Post on the matter. It provides plenty of evidence in support of my contention.


  1. Michael SchwartzFebruary 11, 2011

    "Religious nut"?

    Shame on you for this uncivil example of hate speech. "Nut" is a needlessly pejorative term characterizing (ridiculing) someone with a serious mental illness. Using that term is morally equivalent to calling an old person "a gomer", a person with less than average intelligence "a retard" - I could go on to pejorative language for gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. We all know the words. Watch your language, editor... Reasonable adjectives abound.... "fanatic," "extremist"... Blogs that are "soapboxes" all too easily become lynchblogs, even in the hands of ethics professors (sometimes, ESPECIALLY in the hands of ethics professors...). You should apologize.

  2. I certainly have no intention of ridiculing anyone who suffers from mental illness. If that's how you read this, I do unreservedly apologise.


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