Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gordon Brown and Britain's ordinary voters

Badly behind in the polls, the current UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is on the campaign trail meeting 'ordinary voters'. Reportedly one such voter, a woman, berated him about immigration and whatnot. Brown got back into his limo and bickers about the disaster this encounter had been and refers to the woman as a 'bigot'. What's played time and again on the UK news is that he called an 'ordinary voter' a bigot and Brown is criticized for doing that. Brown duly called the woman and apologized, eventually he went back to her town and apologized 'behind closed curtains' for about 45 min. She's still miffed and seemingly enjoying her minute of fame on the UK's national news front.

Well, frankly, while I'm not a Brown fan, without knowing what exactly the woman said it's difficult telling whether or not calling her a bigot is a reasonable response to what transpired during the encounter. Bits and piece of what is reported suggest that she's in fact a bigot. That's what ticks me off about the reports about this story. The British media, from left to right, gang up on Brown without restraint these days (he really has become a punching bag for all of Britain's woes). It ain't right.

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