Monday, July 07, 2008

What's wrong with female bishops in the Anglican Church

Fascinating, the Anglicans are not only split over homosexuality (something that I can understand, seeing that the God they created has been conjured up in such a way as to dislike gay people), they're also split over female bishops. Now, bishops are senior management type people in that church. They're allowed to wear much more colourful dresses in public then the average priest. So, one would have thought that the guys in the church would keep quiet about women in senior management positions as long as no one questions their right to wear dresses in public. Well, it seems their dress envy is sufficiently strong for many of those middle-aged and old men to campaign against women wearing the same colourful dresses in public. How amusing.


  1. you seem to be missing the fact that if the Anglicans or any other church stand on the bible and preach, then they are obliged to live by all of it. The denial of the rights of women to be ordained as bishops is set in the principle in Corinthians about letting the woman learn in silence and the man being the head of the woman. From the age old interpretation it would be inconceivable to allow a woman to run a church and have dominion over man.

  2. k, gotcha, so it's a gay male thing really, ain't it?


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