Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free Doctors Kamiar and Arash Alaei

Physicians for Human Rights is running a campaign on behalf of two physicians who are experts on HIV prevention. The two have been detained without charges by Iranian security forces since late June. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Campaign information and a petition are at:


  1. Bless them !!

  2. Kamiar Alaei is known for tricking girls into marriage, makes friendship with them, and end up not marrying them. I know kamiar personally through a friend that he tricked. That's the clear reason why he has been arrested. Have a great time in prison!

  3. One more thing to add is that he used my friend to do his homework while he was a student at Harvard University.

  4. hey, cool 'maryam', plenty of libel, no evidence, an anonymous posting, and no explanation for why both chaps have kinda disappeared.

  5. hey,wat a bullshit,dear maryam!
    i know 'em n their family,father,aunt, etc.they r a very nice family, mum dad ,2 sons (in Evin prison now) n a daughter.father is a famous literature in our city,Kermanshah.n doc-bros had a foundation 4 helpin HIV+ ppl ( at Fatemieh-Rafatieh square),they had job relationship with my anut n her husband .they were great.just wanted 2 help ppl. we really need these guys.i think this libel(workin on a plan 4 velvet revolution) is phoney , mayB they r arrested bcz of their interviews on VOA-pnn.. gov banned everythin might help n survive ppl.

  6. ps. all of us hav done sum mistakes the reason y is our nature: we r human.mayB maryam 's right (eventhough i dont believe her,cuz i know them), but at this point it really doesnt matter. they must be saved

    may Great Lord help..amen


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