Thursday, May 08, 2008


Folks - apologies! There's been some quiet grumbling from a few of the regular readers of this blog along the lines that I have not kept up the pace with reasonably frequent postings.

So... without further ado let me herewith announce a brief hiatus. I am travelling reasonably hectically in Europe as well as the US pretty much until the end of May. I went initially to work with my good colleague Richard Ashcroft at QMUL in London, then on to my publisher in Oxford for a 2-day work related event. Currently I am in Scotland, catching up with old friends and colleagues and will do more of that during the next week or so. Then I'm off to New York to attend an IHEU bioethics conference. I'll be doing a talk there on procreative beneficence and potentially homosexual off-spring. Probably not an entirely unreasonable topic for a humanist bioethics event. Can't wait to catch up with my good friend Wilmot James, the CEO of the Africa Genome Education Initiative from Cape Town. I will also be meeting a couple of the valued contributors to the VOICES OF DISBELIEF, a book project that I am currently working on with Russell Blackford in Down Under.

Anyway, I'll be back and posting my usual this-n-that observations, condescending criticisms of innocent bystanders that I never met in my life (and likely never will), stuff like that. There's a fair bunch of people reading these blog postings, so yeah, this blog will be maintained until you stop dropping by.

Till late May/early June. My best wishes from frighteningly sunny Glasgow! Be safe!

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