Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crackpotism - not only a US phenomenon -

Most interested observers are forgiven for thinking that crackpots in government seem a more recent invention of the USA. However, the USA isn't the only country the brain of the leader of which seems to have taken permanent leave of absence. Africa quite traditionally is a similarly successful breeding ground for nuttish leaders. Yahya Jammeh, devout Muslim leader of that most urbane of all African countries, Gambia, has made news headlines last year when he announced to the world that he (yes, he, presumably after consulting his God) had found a cure for AIDS. His cure, in line with that unsavioury African nationalism that has been destroying sensible AIDS policies in South Africa (where fellow crackpot Thabo Mbeki declared that there are no problems in Zimbabwe, after explaining to the world that he hasn't seen a single person with AIDS in his country), consists of local herbs. It goes without saying that his cure hasn't really cured anyone or preserved the life of even one person with AIDS.

Well, my bud Yahya has since disappeared from the world headlines, so he made a concerted public relations effort last week to redeem himself. Traveling the country for the last fortnight he declared that gay people are not wanted in Gambia, and that they must leave immediately. He promised stricter laws than Iran on homosexuality (they're only stoning people to death there, I wonder what Yahya has got in store). The Pres promised to cut off the heads of homosexual people found in the country. Quite appropriately, Gambia hosts the African Commission on Human and People's Rights. Guess the AU is to Gambia what Asean is to Burma. - Anyway, if we are honest, we know, deep in our hearts that gay people are not real people, they are ... ummm ... kinda aliens. See, that was not too difficult to swallow. So, now let's get on with that unpleasant business of chopping off Gambian gay peoples' heads, before they manage to sneak into Iran where they'd be stoned to death. Goodness, Allah annd the countries run by his followers are truly great.

Come to think of it, it is kinda sad that my fellow Aussies have decided not to permit a Muslim school in a rural town. Shows you how lily-white that bunch of rednecks really is.

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