Sunday, April 27, 2008

Xmas in heaven - that's TimTam for you and me :)

It's weekend, but sadly the university network that is currently hosting me in London prevents me from uploading images to the net, hence this not so serious entry has to make-do without a photo of a TimTam's package. I couldn't believe my luck today (a Christmas in heaven type event) when I was about to get on the bus at Shepherd's Bush station. There's a little shop selling all sorts of goodies from Down Under, including revolting stuff like Vegemite. Anyway, I got myself a package of TimTam's originals. You know, others go for Cocaine, marijuana, stuff like that. All I need for my happiness are TimTam's. Those divine chocolate biscuits kindly manufactured in Down Under for Arnott's. Ummm... yummie! They're kind of legend in the country really. Most addicts have their own favorite way of eating them. I picked mine up from a bloke I shared a place with while I did my PhD at Monash. Basically you use the biscuit as a filter and suck your coffee or tea into your mouth thru the TimTam's. I swear to you, if you like sweets at all, and this doesn't bowl you over, nothing will.

Unlike the Colbert Report (with Dorito's), this Tim Tam's ad wasn't sponsored by Arnott's, sadly so.

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  1. have this heaven cookies yuummy!


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