Saturday, September 08, 2007

Madeleine McCann -unGodly twists in the story

I guess, if you live on this planet, you had little choice other than to watch some (many) news item or other about the disappearance of the Scottish toddler Madeleine McCann. The poor girl disappeared miraculously from the parental holiday apartment in Portugal Algarve region. There were several twists to the story. For a start, due to the parents' religious view TV viewers were treated to an unprecedented media campaign showing them searching for the toddler in odd places, including the Vatican where they met the current Pope. The Pope duly prayed etc etc but equally, God (if it exists) didn't give a damn and nothing much happened. Madeleine didn't pop up again. The incredulous public was treated by TV anchormen and women to ever more bizarre stories such as the family priest flying over to Portugal to pray a bit more (but, given that his boss failed already, no surprise, God didn't listen to the family preacher either). Since Madeleine McCann disappeared, hundreds if not thousands of kids disappeared the world all over, most of which were not off-spring of well-to-do medical doctors as Madeleine McCann was/is. Indeed, most of these kids were not blond either. Surprise, surprise, their fate has proven to be of little interest to newsmakers the world all over.

Since this story broke, new developments added a more than macabre twist. The parents have officially been declared suspects in the case a day or two ago. The toddler's blood was found in a car they had rented several weeks after the girls disappearance. Makes one wonder what has really happened. - The McCann family declared duly that the evidence must have been planted by the Portuguese police. That explains things, of course. It would have never occurred to me that that could explain how the missing girl's blood pops up in a car the parents rented several weeks after the disappearance...

I guess what this story tells is as much about media bias (it had to be a pedophile, or an international ring of criminals selling blond young girls into sex slavery, it goes without saying, preferrably to Muslim perverts) as it tells us about how 'God' continues to be abused by those that invented the thing to begin with.

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