Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another reason to go to Barbados

Incredible as it may sound, given the street robber like activities of other airports... there's free wireless at Barbados' international airport. Long live the providers of this service :). - Guess this is just another way of saying 'hi' from the Caribbean.


  1. You lucky fish ... lemme guess: Coconut Airways?

  2. Clara ...not enirely sure what 'coconut airways' comment is meant to be, but for sure it sure does comea across you trying to be funny but not at all funny . I detected a whif of jeleousy tone to it. the reality is whatever it may be, it is hard beat London/English airport when it comes the worst airport in the world..I have been to India and placves it once colonised and will not be surprise if one of those country will colonise England... with it's bad infastructure, low standard of living, dirty and decrepit health service and millions of people with Clara's mentality it sure top the 'new age 3rd world' county poll.



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