Sunday, July 23, 2006

Racism in the absence of races...

An East Asian lad was killed during racial upheaval in Preston, a truly dreadful town in the Northwest of the UK. People usually know Preston for its train station as many have to change trains there. Initially the Lancashire constabulary insisted that there was no evidence of a racial motive, but eventually corrected that claim. After all, that a fight between white kids and kids whose skin shows other colours would not be motivated by racism isn't overly plausible. The usual brawls between 'white' and 'ethnic minority' folks (or, in Birmingham, between Blacks and East Asians) does seem to know no end.
It is weird that in the absence of scientific evidence for distinct races, racism itself continues unabated, with dreadful consequences all over the world.
The 21st century this might be, but in evolutionary terms we have not done too well, or have we?

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