Monday, July 31, 2006

Archbishop of Glasgow on Stem Cell Research

Mario Conti, currently employed in senior management of the Catholic Church as an Archbishop declares in today's The Herald his allegiance to The Pope (the CEO equivalent of the organisation he is working for). His boss stated some time ago that we should not undertake destructive stem cell research (ie where stem cells are derived from the human embryonic cell mass, in the process of which the embryo is destroyed). The main reason given is that we should 'respect the dignity of each and every human being.' Of course, the accumulation of a few hundred cells (ie up to 14 days after conception) is cleverly and arguably question beggingly defined as a human being by the CEO and his senior management colleague in Glasgow.

Comes Mr Conti, saying that this kind of rhetoric is 'reason, not rhetoric... it is where I stand and where the Catholic Church stands.' Truly tempting to say Amen to that.

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