Sunday, June 18, 2006

Who speaks for Muslims?

This week's ECONOMIST published an interesting little article confirming my concerns about a multitude of Muslims popping up on TV news programmes. It is clear that the various talking heads we are regularly subjected to on primetime TV are supposed to tell us (ie the viewing public) what 'the' Muslims' stance is on eg the police raid in Forest Gate. By definition they cannot ever achieve this objective as there is no democratic mode of representation ensuring that Muslims all over the UK would be able to elect a spokesperson.

The multitude of Muslim umbrella organisations operating in the country, all vying for their 5 seconds of fame on national TV and membership in government advisory bodies has been compared by one Muslim (no doubt speaking for himself - it's usually a himself, but that should not surprise a great deal, given the nature of this particular ideology) to the nuttish sects fans of the Python's Life of Brian will no doubt remember.

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