Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Going places

This won't be strictly speaking an ethics posting, probably it's merely an observation about things going wrong. I travelled from Glasgow to Halifax (Canada) today, and have just arrived to splendid weather. Anyway, on the plane was a group of about 20 or 30 Arab men, all dressed neatly in black suits, tie, the lot. I guess, by the suits alone everyone would have wondered who these guys are, even if they had not been Arabs. Them being clearly Arabs led to an amazing amount of gossip and speculation among the other passengers, including the Swedish woman next to me referring to them as 'terrorists' (tongue in cheek tho). To cut a long story short, the blokes were on their way from Oman to Halifax to participate in a band competition (that's what I understood). They're actually an army band. - Kind of sad what the 'war on terror' and terrorism have done to us, when the next person on a plane (a musician of all people) is suddenly put in the same box as some fanatics just because of their ethnicity...

On a lighter note, Air Canada, my preferred Star Alliance airline, punished us suckers in economy class with bags of junk food as the second meal of the intercontinental flight ('would you like doritos or chips sir?'). Quite remarkable, in this day and age, what passes as food on airlines, especially in cattle class.

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  1. lol, you'll be amazed on what length airlines go to save a penny...they no longer care about customer satisfaction since competition isnt really on the agenda these days...anyway welcome back to glasgow!:)


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