Thursday, May 02, 2013

Infanticide Symposium in the Journal of Medical Ethics

To those interested in the continuing aftermath of the Journal of medical ethics decision to publish a paper endorsing infanticide, the current issue of the journal has a plethora of articles for and against the substance of said paper, as well as arguments on the question of whether the paper should ever have been published. It's a well-worth-reading collection of articles, including some of the best-known folks in bioethics and moral philosophy, among them (in alphabetical order) Tony Coady,  John Finnis, Robert George, John harris, Jeff MacMahan, Anita Silvers, Peter Singer, and a whole gaggle of other authors, yours truly included. Check it out, here. In case you are coming to this blog entry a bit late in the day, note that the link I've just displayed likely will lead you to what is then the current issue. Try to track the May 2013 issue of the journal on its website. My own paper, for what it is worth, reflects on the implications significant political pressures on bioethics journal editors have for the exercise of academic freedom. The piece is here.

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