Monday, April 29, 2013

Brief Up-date on Projects

Friends, just a quick up-date on my various writing and editing writing projects. The Wiley-Blackwell book '50 Great Myths About Atheism' that Russell Blackford and I wrote is now at proof stage. Russell and I have received the proofs yesterday and we've got about 4 weeks to check about 300 pages of content, as well as create a good index.

Helga Kuhse, Peter Singer and I have also agreed on the contents to be included in the 3rd edition of 'Bioethics - An Anthology'. We are currently waiting for Wiley-Blackwell to sort out the contract before we hand the goods over to them.

I alsop managed to write the first three chapters of 'This is Bioethics', hopefully forthcoming with Wiley-Blackwell toward the end of next year.

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