Friday, July 13, 2012

Sick and tired of Calgary Stampede Animal Abuse

I am sick and tired of the animal abuse that continues to take place during the Calgary Stampede. The third year running horses, forced to participate in Stampede events, got killed in accidents. This time the accident was taped. Suffice it to say that it is truly gruesome, not at all surprising, and that one can only hope that whatever weak animal protection laws Canada has in place are sufficient to bankrupt those responsible for running this idiotic event.  One of the horse owners was displayed on TV, crying, describing the shock at the loss of his horses and calling them akin to being family members. He said, 'They're just like humans, they're our family. It's just devastating for our whole family. It's hard to take.' Quick question to you Sir: Would you also subject your other family members to participation in events where deadly accidents are an annual occurrence? If you do, perhaps you might want to seek professional help somewhere, because clearly you are terribly irresponsible with regard to your interactions with your family members.

A word, perhaps, to spectators in Calgary: Give that deadly accidents are an annual occurrence during the Stampede, it stands to reason that you're attracted to blood sports resulting in the gruesome deaths of sentient non-human animals.  If you're into that sort of thing, why not attend sporting events where humans volunteer in risk-taking, as opposed to events where animals are being forced into risking their lives for your entertainment needs?

There is no excuse whatsoever for continuing this 'tradition' with its ever increasing death toll!


  1. AnonymousJuly 13, 2012

    You my friend are a complete fucking idiot. do some homework before you go and bash these events, for brain-dead fucktards like yourself it would be hard for you to understand that most of the horses running in these events are horses that were going to be put down by there previous owners as they were to slow to run the standard thoroughbred races.

    Furthermore understand that the owners of these horses do treat them like a family member. and they are distraught when such unforced situations come up.

    I am a born and raised Calgarian who attends at least 5 days of the rodeo a year.

    It is very difficult to discuss these matters with such irrational people as yourself. Please shut your blinds and rot in your basement like the shit fungus you are.

  2. hm, ok, so these 'family member' horses are horses that the current owners have rescued from previous - presumably family member - owners who wold have put em down because they couldn't run fast enough in circles for them. Hurray to the rescuers who then let their new-found family members get killed in useless crap like the event that killed the horses yesterday. It goes without saying that such situations are anything but 'unforced' because the owners force their family member horses to engage in such nonsense for their thrill and entertainment.

    I'm not sure what exactly you have contributed to this discussion other than calling me a 'fucking idiot', 'brain-dead fucktard', and 'irrational.

    You do realise, Mr or Ms Anonymous that my blog actually has an audience? I doubt your contribution did your cause any favour.

  3. AnonymousJuly 13, 2012

    I'm glad that you picked up on the important points I've tried to make. Now i have to back to work and contribute to society. Enjoy your ethics crusade

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  5. I'm with you brother.

    Mind you, I have at times forced my dogs, who are like family, to behave in unnatural ways for my amusement, but begging, crawling, and walking backwards have not killed any of them yet. And they do get a cookie.

  6. Would you also subject your other family members to participation in events where deadly accidents are an annual occurrence?

    Well...I do put my infant daughter into the car now and then.... I've heard that deadly car accidents happen at least annually.

    Being raised in Calgary and having it in the background every year (despite never actually attending) I'd never really given much thought to the animal side of our little yearly party until recent years.

    I tried clicking on your post's "labels" but didn't get any other posts on similar topics. Since your post doesn't do much besides summarize the news stories and state that you don't approve of such events where animals die, just wondering about your stance on the use of animals for entertainment, or even animal rights in general.



  7. Thanks Ren. Good questions!

    The point, to me, seems to be that the horses are higher mammals, they’re capable as we are of suffering, like us they don’t enjoy suffering. In so far as our suffering is concerned there doesn’t seem to be a morally relevant difference between them and us. There are other morally relevant differences (such as, say the capacity of many humans to drive cars and many others) but nobody is arguing that horses should be permitted to drive cars. The argument here is simply about the unnecessary infliction of pain and suffering on higher mammals for the purpose of our enjoyment. There is no empirical evidence to support the claim that intellect makes any difference at all to the experience of suffering pain.

    The example of putting kids in your car to transport them somewhere doesn't seem very apt to me. For starters the risk-benefit ratio is very different. If it was as high as it is for the horses, you might not put your daughter ever in your car again, in fact you likely wouldn't drive either. It's also a bit doubtful that you'd subject her to the risk of death or serious bodily harm for the purpose of increasing your happiness.

    Might want to read up on this? Peter Singer. Animal Liberation: A New Ethic for Our Treatment of Animals. Here’s a link to a wikipedia write-up.

  8. anthrosciguyJuly 16, 2012

    If you look at the number of children living in the USA and the number who die in car accidents, then take those numbers and compare them to the number of horses which have died in the Calgary Stampede's chuckwagon races since 1986 (50), there would have to have been 11,500 horses competing during that time for the numbers to be equivalent.

    I suggest that it is unlikely the Calgary Stampede has had an average of 460 horses in the chuckwagon races each year. Verdict: kid riding in car = very bad analogy.

  9. Hmm, for starters, I can't look at the number of children who died in car accidents, because I don't have them. This number is also kind of irrelevant to my argument as a) it would include children who died as a result of drivers running into them while they're playing, for instance, and b) my argument was premised on parents subjecting them to the risk of death for their entertainment purposes (I doubt you'd parcel out those parents who subjected their kids to dangerous drives for their entertainment vs those who took them to the hospital etc).

    I guess you missed the point of my argument.

  10. if a person accepts that an animal, a mammal for example, has the capacity to suffer, then when she stops to consider the best interests and well being of the animals involved in rodeos, circuses, zoos, the meat and diary industry, animal testing, and any other institution that exploits and uses animals for profit or entertainment, she would invariably come to the realization that, except perhaps for an infinitesimally small number of exceptions (and most of these being hypothetical in nature) these all too socially accepted practices and customs are incapable of being justified on any reasonable, rational, or compassionate grounds, and therefore by extension, are immoral and must end.

    the next logical step in this person's consciousness shift, that has now altered the way she perceives herself and those who she formally was able to turn a blind eye to, is to stop taking part in those activities and ways of life which are causing these animals to suffer.

    it's what any thinking, caring person, who still has the faculty of empathy and the ability to express loving kindness would do.

    thanks for your post udo
    yours in solidarity,

  11. thanks for sharing.

  12. For The AnimalsAugust 29, 2012

    Anyone who speaks out against animal abuse is a good person. I've noticed that people who are pro-rodeo, have great difficulty making their point without profanity. Why is that? Stick to the point people. Chuckwagon racing is a brutally violent entertainment. Virtually every year horses are maimed, tortured and killed, Of course, let's not forget the reason why....the $1M pot. Stop animal abuse and ban chuckwagon racing. Ban all rodeo entertainment where animals are maimed and killed for entertainment. Even one death is too much, never mind what the real numbers are.


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