Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beware of Kuchenmeister

Happy New Year everyone!

I love Marzipan Xmas Stollen. NO excuses there, they're unhealthy, take you quickly closer to full-blown diabetes, but they're delightful.  Imagine how happy I was when I discovered Xmas Stollen from a German manufacturer (baker would be stretching it, considering the quantities they produce) in a local supermarket. Kuchenmeister, according to its own marketing is 'one of the largest cake exporters in the world'.

Well, I know now how they managed to become that largest cake exporter... fraudulent marketing. Simple as that. I would have expected the 'marzipan' Stollen I bought to have the marzipan centre you can see in the image below (carton). Compare that against the dreary reality of Kuchenmeister's actual product.

Let the buyer beware!


  1. Leaving out the marzipan may be the best thing that could happen to a stollen.


  2. oh no they didnt!
    must stick with tim tams :)


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