Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Conversing with Falun Gong

I received the below message from a self-declared Falun Gong practitioner. Presumably written in response to this blog post of mine. Well, read the email I received in all its entirety. Kinda fun. Nutcases united! I think the bits about flying Faluns are pretty funny. My personal favourite though, changing gays, mixed-race and computer engineers who were sent by extraterrestrial aliens to destroy earth. That's pretty cool as far as crazy stuff goes...

Dear professor:
--How are you? I am a Falun gong practitioner. Do you know about Falun gong?

--Do you often have agony? Are you distressed? I tell you a key to calm your distress.
--I am 43 years old. I am a Falun gong practitioner for 15 years. I was poor health and bad temper 15 years ago until I became a Falun practitioner. One day in this year, I suddenly entered into tranquility and I felt so peaceful that I couldn't move at all. Then I saw Li Hongzhi Master sitting in front of me with golden light around him. Our mighty and solemn Master Buddha looked at me with boundless benevolence. Although he didn't say any words, I heard clearly his earnest and tireless teaching.
--Several years ago, when I was first doing sitting meditation, I could clearly hear the turning sounds of Falun when my hand passed by my ear. Also, since practicing Dafa, I have recovered from several diseases. Before I started to cultivate, I had imagined how wonderful I would feel if I had no disease. I have been enjoying this feeling for the past several years. I haven't even caught any colds since then.
--In 1997, Master's hint helped me to avoid a severe train accident. Many people on the train that I missed died or were seriously injured. For a long time, the media outlets in China were afraid to report the accident to avoid frightening the public.
--Since the year 2000, I have seen countless silver lights flying and dancing all over the sky that appear to be Falun. If I get a camera, I would like to take pictures and magnify them so that I can show them to the ordinary people who don't believe it at all. With the coming of the Fa-rectification in the human world, those who have known the truth of Dafa through the efforts of practitioners, and who therefore have righteous thoughts of Dafa and treat Dafa kindly, will be able to see it soon.
--We can save mixed-blood ones, the gay and computer engineers. Although they are the plot that the extraterrestrial aliens sent to our Earth to destroy human, but we can use the “truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance” to change them. We need you help us to practice together. For human, join us!
--If you want to know more about Falun Dafa, you can tell me!
--Good Luck!


  1. Good script for a fiction movie...

  2. Isn't it remarkable how religious delusions sound so similar even in completely different cultures? Apparitions of the Master, chance events like missing a train re-interpreted as divine intervention, gays and race-mixing as the product of a powerful force of evil (aliens or Satan) out to destroy mankind.

    Bad enough to believe in nonsense. Worse to believe in such clichéd, hackneyed nonsense.

  3. Karl Marx and Satan

  4. Howdy. I practice Falun Gong too. I'm also an American citizen and a grad student at a prestigious U.S. school.

    I understand that a lot of this stuff sounds like mumbo jumbo to you. That's ok by me. But for an accurate representation of FLG as a comprehensive belief system, please examine the teachings in their entirety before characterizing them in a public forum. The essence of the practice is to continuously strive to treat other people well, and to embody the three moral principles of "truth, compassion, and tolerance."

    Anything said by any practitioner, even the Master, is regarded as meaningful only in relation to those three principles. By the way, the term in Chinese, shifu, carries very different connotations to the English word "Master" - it's the same term used for painters or professional drivers; anyone with a skill that can be passed on.

    The "compassion" and "tolerance" aspects of the practice are universally held to prohibit any form of violence, or indeed any intentional harm to another living being, even emotional. This is infinitely more important to any Falun Gong practitioner than any speculations about extraterrestrials. It's a bit like saying Christianity is a religion centered on magically-multiplying fishes and loaves, or Islam is a religion based on angels with peacock-feathered wings. You are of course entitled to your views on the subject, but please take a balanced view.

  5. Hey, thanks for this. You won't be surprised that I disagree with you. This Master bloke invented the cult and its ideology. Accordingly his views are held in very high regard. Unsurprisingly his no-harm teachings have not stopped him from watching his followers burning themselves in protests (non-violent, no doubt) to make their point. Interesting. I take it you don't mean to say that your guru will pass his skills on to whoever will take over the business from him? Certainly not while he can continue being guru. That's really not how gurus function.

    Balanced view? Ask yourself, might it be a tad bit implausible to waffle on about tolerance and non-violence while your ideology espouses racist views? You don't mean to cause emotional hurt? Well, how about repudiating such harmful teachings? Not gonna happen, I know. We know the patterns from Catholicism and its homophobic agenda. 'Love the sinner'. Nonsense.

    There is plenty of evidence that Falun Gong followers omit to get health care believing their adherence to Faun Gong will sort it for them. No harm? Really?

    What I think is that you'd consider doing those exercises (or any other for that matter), do your meditation and be tolerant and compassionate without supporting this cult.

    I'm always puzzled how otherwise bright folks manage to switch off their critical thinking skills the moment it comes to guru stuff.

  6. I wouldn't even call that religious - it's just plain foolishness.

  7. Used to practice it, now I dont. And the burnings was staged by the communist party, you can check it out.


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