Sunday, June 13, 2010

Should someone smack her or her parents?

I am not in favor of corporal punishment (really). Still, in the case of the recently rescued teenage woman who was determined to sail around the world, I can't help but think some should smack her for attempting this or her parents for permitting her to attempt this. Her voyage floundered in bad weather and a major rescue operation had to be launched, involving planes, boats and whatnot. I hope someone, someone please bankrupt this family for its selfish conduct. Sue them for the resources wasted in this unnecessary rescue mission. This woman should have entertained herself (and her ego) by staying at home and doing something useful (for crying out loud: help in the local homeless shelter, teach younger folks locally how to sail etc etc). Beats me why this kind of stuff happens again and again and again. What drove this family to permit her ill-prepared daughter to undertake this trip? And why should anyone other than the family pay for rescuing this person out of her self-inflicted problems?

On a more personal note, I will be away for about a week (working away from my homebase). I am likely unable to update the blog during this week.


  1. AnonymousJune 19, 2010

    She should spend more time pooping in the USA.


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