Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rightwing liars

Weird story from the land of the free. Reportedly a lesbian couple was awarded by a judge the right to adopt a foster kid they'd been looking after for some time. The Christian fundamentalist Florida Family Policy Council did a mailshot alerting its troops to this mother of all scandals.The included a photo of the lesbian couple (the two women on the left-hand side of the photo). According to the site Sociological Images the photo they used didn't actually show the couple in question. The couple in question is on the right-hand side of the photo. So, other than the Christian agitprop outfit aiming toward stereotyping lesbian women as butch, we now also know something that doesn't come as a surprise to anyone knowing how these sorts of outfits function, namely that they lie thru their teeth in order to get their point of view across. Their official version, when caught in the act of lying, is to claim that it's all an innocent error. Really? Just have another look at those images... - and something else, for the fun of it, I typed 'ugly lesbians' into google. Guess which image popped up on top of the list? You guessed it, the two women to the left. Anyone willing to bet on how the Florida Family Policy Council might have come across the image? - For what it's worth, I am not suggesting that these folks are ugly in any meaningful way!

What's worrisome is, of course, that something might get lost in translation here, namely that nothing is wrong with lesbian women adopting kids even if they look butch. Simple as that.

The thing that begins to bother me ever more is that these religious agitprop outfits (of which there are many, just think of the Family Research Council in Washington DC, the Scottish Council on Bioethics and the list goes on) deliberately hide behind secular facades to sell their religious agenda. That is nauseating.

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