Sunday, February 28, 2010

Animal abuse


Seriously, what's wrong with people going to places like Seaworld? So, a day or two ago this 'trainer' is dragged by an orca wale under the water and killed in the process. CNN offered two experts on the matter, a bloke looking like Indiana Jones and on the opposing side a Captain Ahab lookalike. As good experts are wont to do they disagree on who's 'fault' this was. Indiana Jones insisted that it was the 'trainer's' fault (her pony tail supposedly triggered the wale's response), vs Ahab who insisted that it was wrong for Seaworld to have a wale amongst its animals that has killed twice before. And so it went forth and back in typical CNN/FOX/MSNBC style.

My questions are these: isn't it obvious that you don't keep such massive animals in the smallish ponds where Seaworld is keeping them? It's a clear case of animal abuse (whatever Indiana Jones thinks). And what is it with these people going to these shows? Why are so many people running to see these shows to begin with? Is our only way to show affection or admiration for huge wild animals to put them into small prisons and make them do stupid things to entertain us? Pretty much in line with why many people go to watch Formula 1 races folks queued forever to watch the first Orca show after the killing of the 'trainer'. Someone hoping for a repeat of the disaster there??

Here's the LA Times reporting on this: 'Hundreds of patrons packed into Shamu Stadium on Saturday for the return of SeaWorld Orlando's "Believe" show, three days after a killer whale dragged a veteran animal trainer underwater to her death. Despite a morning drizzle, visitors stood in line for two hours beginning at 9 a.m. to see the first performance.'

The obvious lessons to be learned from this event should have been:
  • It's wrong to keep animals for entertainment purposes.
  • We should not support businesses such as Seaworld because they rely on animal abuse to make profits.'

What really happened is that the killing boosted visitor numbers. Sickening! People queued for hours to have a look at the Orca that killed three folks. How annoying is that? It seems that PETA at least got the response to this one right. Close down outfits like Seaworld and release the captive wales back into the sea. In case you really need to have a look at Orcas, watch a nature documentary!



  1. We like to think the world is our's alone. There is so little respect for nature these days. It's sickening. Destroying Forests. Polluting Oceans. Overfishing. Destroying Reefs. Holding animals captive. It's nothing new. And it's going to continue unabated until it is no longer worth our while to do so. I'm not sure if you have seen the film Avatar, or if you a fan, but... one day soon we'll have destroyed our world to such an extent that will force us to change the way we live.

  2. It's perhaps surprising that more trainers aren't killed. The Orcas are surprisingly tolerant. I know if I were that big, and imprisoned in such a fashion, I'd smush the pesky little mammals into the concrete.

  3. "Smush": what a lovely word you've coined there, Jambe - it's so deliciously onomatopoeic ...


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