Monday, May 25, 2009

Violent assault on espresso connoisseurs

Oh horror, the Dutch company Philips, maker of those both ubiquituous and horrendous 'espresso' machines relying on 'coffee pods' has bought Saeco the Italian maker of espresso machines.

I don't care strongly about Saeco as they also sell automatic coffee machines, ie coffee makers where you put your cup in, push a button and it does everything including the cappuccino foam. Pretty gross cappuccino by any stretch of imagination!

However, and here it gets really really serious, this means that Philips now also owns Gaggia, the Italian brand owned by Saeco. Just look at Gaggia's Classic (not coincidentally: I own one of these beauties) and ask yourself how such a brand will fare under the control of a company that probably invented 'coffee pods' and dumped them in uncountable hotel rooms as well as kitchens of people who should know better. A dark day indeed.


  1. AnonymousMay 25, 2009

    This is no less than a crime against humanity. That is, the coffee-loving branch of humanity.

  2. I own a Saeco Aroma, and I love it. I make espressos and cappuccinos every morning for my wife and I--it's our little ritual. I make them the old fashioned way, tamper and all.

    The machine also accommodates the infamous espresso 'pods' by way of an adapter, so I decided one day to try them out. The moment the coffee touched my tongue my taste buds promptly exploded in protest.

    I have never bought the pods again.

    When my machine dies I plan to replace it with a Rancilio Silvia. Any thoughts?

  3. To mess with something a true and virtuous as espresso machines is a crime to humanity. RIP


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