Sunday, April 05, 2009

Update on alleged homophobnia @ Canadian college

Just a brief up-date on the story about the alleged homophobia at the Canadian college. People on various blogs pointed out that the story in question might not have been true, particularly the alleged homophobic email by the faculty member in question. The sender address (ie the faculty member's) seems to have been copied (using Photoshop or some such program) on top of the offending message. When I tried to check the message in question myself, in order to follow-up on internet detectives claiming fraud, the student alleging homophobia had removed the file in question. This suggests quite strongly that she made the whole story up, why else would she remove the file that would demonstrate that her claim about homophobia at the college is correct?

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  1. I suspect we're failing our youth by not teaching them early enough about the legal and moral consequences of this kind of careless behaviour. Social networks are a wasps nest for those who are too comfortable posting these kinds of things in anger. We can't assume that young students (if she is in fact young) really understand the full scope of what they are doing. I'm aware of other cases that are currently ongoing and deal with similar circumstances.

    I think we're bound to see more and more of these cases cropping up if we don't engage kids early enough and teach them about the responsibilities they have when posting items on social networks.


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