Sunday, February 08, 2009

2009 season contenders for the Darwin Awards

A group of particularly idiotic fishermen and women in the US. They entered a frozen iceshield on a lake in the USA, happily drilling holes thru the ice in order to fish thru the holes. Well, the whole iceshield broke off the shoreline, including the bunch of fishermen and women, their equipment, cars, tents, the lot. At least one of them is a serious contender for the actual award as he died as a result of exposure to the icy water. A massive rescue operation and concomitant wastage of resources took place in order to rescue those fools lest their genes would otherwise also be withdrawn from the gene pool for good.

Here is some background on the Canadian runners-up in this competition.

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  1. They're still in the gene pool. How very frustrating ... unless, of course, there's a possibility that prolonged immersion in icy water permanently damages one's gonads.


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