Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cult of Misery Latest: Pope Delivers Annual Message of Hate

The famously dress wearing Pope, in an early release of his annual message of hate to the world, declared today that stopping homosexual behaviour is as important as stopping the destruction of the rain forest. The BBC News, in a remarkable display of analytical insight and critical thinking skills noted that the Pope hadn't referred to homosexuals as 'sinners'. Strangely, the BBC News didn't note that the Pope might be in need of professional psychological help to deal with his homophobia. Strangely, nobody of the usual politically correct crowd insisted that anti-hate speech legislation be properly applied and the Pope and/or his senior executives be prosecuted.

Happy hol's everyone. I'm away till early January trying to escape Xmas (not an easy task...).


  1. Pope Ben reminds one more and more of Mad Bob Mugabe. And what on earth HAS he done to his hair?

    Cool Yule to you, Udo.


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