Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beware of Jacob Jensen products

I bought this watch a year or two ago on an international flight. I always fancied Jacob Jensen's simple and clean designs. It's a really nice piece,titanium casing, sapphire glass, basically it's a good quality piece at a - well - good quality price.

Well, here's my warning then to anyone reading this blog: these time pieces have a serious design flaw and Jacob Jensen got to be asked whether he knows and has factored this design flaw into his time pieces as a continuing source of income. The rubber arm wrist lasts just a bit more than a year. So, basically with the close to non-destructable titanium casing and the virtually unscratchable glass you bought a watch that could last for a very long time. How convenient then that Jacob Jensen forces his customers to purchase an expensive new wristband every single year (that's the half-life of these wristband in my experience).

I wrote to Jacob Jensen to complain about this, but duly got embroiled in fights over receipts and warranties. This, of course is missing the point. Say you got a 1 year warranty, that would give you at best one wristband free of charge (or none, if it lasted slightly more than a year). The wristband are designed in such a way that no regular wristband from your local watch dealer would work, it got to be the branded Jacob Jensen wristband.

Clever, hu? Your option is to either throw the thing out after slightly more than a year, or to become a permanent customer for Jacob Jensen's expensive wristband replacements.

For better or worse, I've thrown the watch out, and am getting even by trying to hurt his business just this little bit - by means of this blog posting. Don't buy Jacob Jensen products, there's probably a nasty catch!


  1. thank you for this information --very interesting, was considering buyer a Jacob Jensen watch until i read this blog, what other brand would be similar and more responsive to a problem like this.


  2. I have had mine 2-3 years, and i wear it every day and ride my bike to work. Maybe the sweat makes the rubber last longer? the watch is good, i get lots of complements, and i am searching for a new band as we speak!

    JD, Bethesda, MD USA

  3. Picked up a replacement wristband last year and was given great advice: massage in some vaseline once a month or so… it'll keep the leather moisturised and prevent it breaking.

    Worked a charm until my dog chewed it in half!

  4. thx martin, except the wristband shown in the photo (ie the one i have been writing about) is not made from leather, it's rubber...

  5. AnonymousMay 11, 2011

    Totally agree. My beautifl Jacob Jensen watch is now useless without a wristband. Does anybody know where to get a replacement in USA?

  6. I am on my third wrist band and have now run out of the extras that I ordered and shipped to Canada. So I am trying to decide whether I ignore the watch or order more wrist bands. Not impressed, as I thought rubber would last longer. I might order once more and try the conditioning on the band like mentioned in the post.

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  8. I have a Jacob Jensen watch that is only three months old and now it cannot tell the time!


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