Sunday, August 24, 2008

Voices of Disbelief - Sunday PM Marketing

I am all fired about about a really cool book Russell Blackford and I have been working on during the last couple of months. Wiley-Blackwell will publish it some time next year. It's great for us to have found such a large and prestigious international publisher for the book as this will give us quite a bit of marketing muscle to deploy!

Basically what Russell and I decided to do is to ask people on our respective electronic rolodexes why it is that they don't believe in an omniscient, omnipotent 'good' God running the universe. Call it a humanist/atheist coming out party if you wish. And you know what, I am well and truly thrilled about what we've got so far (which is 27 chapters out of about 50 or so - with some time to go for our deadline). Remarkable philosophers, science fiction writers, medical doctors, newspaper columnists, political activists from around the globe have gathered to tell the world in a way not only why they don't believe in God, but arguably also why you shouldn't buy into that clap-trap either. Very moving personal accounts, entertaining stories, philosophical analyses and so on and so forth will result in a most enlightening, entertaining and challenging book. I'm truthfully over the moon, seeing how great this project is coming together. I won't be mentioning any of the names of the contributors yet, but rest assured, most of them are household names in their respective fields of work.

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  1. Hey Udo,

    I was hoping you could keep us updated on this project. I'm really interested in reading the book when it comes out.



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