Thursday, August 09, 2007

Women's Day - only so much to celebrate in South Africa



The Joint Working Group (JWG) is a national network of LGBTI-focused organisations in South Africa. The JWG represents the organised LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) sector, and speaks and acts in the interest of our respective and diverse constituencies.


The Joint Working Group, and its partners in the alliance to end hate crimes, will be marching in Soweto this Women’s day, in response to the recent, brutal killings of two lesbian women in this community.

Thirteen years after democracy women is South Africa are still plagued by violence, are not safe in their homes and communities, and are held hostage by the collective oppressions of sexism and homophobia.

As LGBTI people, we take to the streets on Women’s Day to demand our freedom: Freedom to be safe; freedom to express our sexualities; and freedom to claim and enjoy our constitutional rights.

We call on our women leaders to break the silence on sexism and homophobia and to express their outrage at all forms of gender-based violence; and at the murders of all women, including lesbian women.

We call on our police services to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring the safety of women, and to take concrete and visible action towards the elimination of all form of gender-based violence.

We understand that four men have been arrested in connection with the killings of Sizakele Sigasa and Salome Massoa, but have yet to be charged. We urge for a thorough investigation, followed by an appropriate charge and a successful prosecution of the perpetrators.

We march in honour of Sizakele and Salome, and of all the other women who have been senselessly killed by prejudice. We march to demonstrate that we will continue the struggle for freedom from gender oppression, for as along as it takes.

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  1. This story of Dr Anna Pou is strange to happen in the richest and greatest nation of the world.
    The villain of the piece has resigned from his post of Attorney General, the BBC said this morning.
    The team of President Bush tends to be composed of riff raff ... a case birds of a feather.
    Only an Astrologer can explain this predicament of USA ... or could it be the cause of pure American arrogance?


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