Wednesday, February 14, 2007

And more from the US of A

While I write this I am watching a TV programme, appropriately on Rupert Murdoch's Fox TV. There's a middle-aged woman with finger nails about 10 cm long or so. She's video taped aliens and tells us that they're watching us and that they're unhappy about how we treat mother earth. There's viewers calling in asking for advice from her. Fascinating... -

Anyway, talking about aliens and messages from beyond, today on my way to the corner of Powell and Market (still no word from the Royal Bank of Scotland - see last two postings for background), I saw a car with stickers I kinda liked. You know, stuff like 'Impeach Bush', 'no more lies', that sort of thing. While I briefy rejoiced in having found a like-minded soul, I noticed another sticker on the car, with an image like the one to the top-left. So, probably not a like-minded soul after all.

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