Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MD'ed crackpotism

Apologies all for the hiatus since the last posting. I am currently on the road again and it's difficult to catch up with work as well as the blog when one's office is far away. Anyhow, I was in Montreal a few days ago and discovered on rue St Denis a lovely buffet style vegetarian place called Restaurant le Commensal. Delightful food. As is often the case with such places, they don't 'just' serve food, but they also serve a bunch of varying ideologies, frequently simply hippie'ish, but not always. I recall in Melbourne a place that served very basic (and very cheap) vegetarian food that was owned by the religious sect that was in the habit of buying Rolls Royces for its guru. So, I wasn't too surprised when I found a book called 'Soul Wisdom', written by Dr Zhi Gang Sha. The good doctor claims to be trained in both Western as well as Chinese traditional medicine. The book claims that he is also 'an expert in the most advanced cellular healing sciences now occurring in China'. You might have guessed already that the good doctor's cutting edge research is so recent that it has not made it yet into peer reviewed journals. Guess he's a good candidate for Oprah Winfrey's show. I'm sure, by now you know about her habit of promoting health related charlatans of the 'wish your cancer away' variety in her TV show.

Well, our Soul Wisdom doctor fits that bill. His book, to my great horror, made it to #1 of the New York Times bestseller list, if the book's cover can be trusted. It begins with a chapter on how the Divine chats to him, enters him and others and has chosen him to help others. Simple as that, most likely on a cellular cutting edge level. But then, the divine isn't cellular or is it, pardon me, or is he (it's a 'he' according to the good doctor). Anyhow, the book offers a healing method called 'divine downloads'. Sounds initially like a server from which people who purchased the book could download healing blurbs. Ha, that at least would have required the doctor to produce however inane content to be downloaded, and that would have meant work. So, instead, his divine downloads are hidden in paragraphs of the book. You can download em at any time by closing your eyes and hitting the invisible, imaginary divine download button. Say you're suffering from terminal liver cancer, all you got to do is chant a lot, go to the relevant page and download the invisible divine download ... or something like that. If you don't feel anything, that simply means you're not ready for it. If you feel your liver cancer has disappeared, the divine download worked obviously, if it hasn't, you chant a bit and you're sorted.

Here's a quote from the intro, just to give you a flavour of the book:

'The Divine continued, "... I offer my healing and blessing by transmitting my permanent healing and blessing treasures." I [ie the good doctor]asked, "How do you do this?" The Divine answered, "Select a person and I will give you a demonstration."I asked for a volunteer with serious health challenges. A man named Walter raised his hand. He stood up and explained that he had liver cancer, with a two-by-three centimeter malignant tumor that had just been diagnosed from a biopsy. I then asked the Divine, "Please bless Walter. Please show me how you transmit your permanent treasures." I saw the Divine send a beam of light from the Divine's heart to Walter's liver. The beam shot into his liver, where it turned into a golden light ball that instantly started spinning. Walter's entire liver shone with beautiful golden light. [The divine reportedly said...] "I have just transmitted or downloaded my Soulsoftware for Liver to Walter. It is one of my permanent healing and blessing treasures."

It goes without saying, and possibly to avoid law suits, the divine explained that the download alone isn't going to heal Walter's liver cancer. Walter has to work on it. He needs to chant for at least two hours per day: 'Divine Liver Soul Software heals me.' If he didn't do that, he might just have died from his liver cancer. However, Walter chanted 'Divine Liver Soul Software heals me' for very many hours. And, there's the good news, his liver cancer just disappeared. Amazing stuff, completely unclear why we bother with modern medicine, when all that's needed are invisible divine software downloads!

Can you imagine, a 300 pp book, filled with crap like that, aimed at people suffering serious ailments? I'm surprised that people are able not only to get away with this, but also that there's a reading audience out there that catapults such bollocks to the #1 spot of the New York Times bestseller list. Scary scary.


  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2009


    I was just downloading bit torrents and, funnily enough, I can't seem to find any soul software on the Internet. I can get movies, music, books, pictures, but no soul software. Imagine that.

    On a side note. The good doctor could make a serious bit of coin by licensing whatever soul software digital copyright protection scheme the divine uses. It seems to be better than any employed by the major entertainment labels out there. Perhaps the good doctor could ask the divine for a wiring diagram or some pseudocode.

    I'll keep looking and tell you if I find any soul software. Maybe the guys at Pirate Bay can find it.

    This reminds me of "The Secret", another Oprah endorsed load of BS. Ugh. And blah.

  2. Funny how Yahweh has only now started talking in terms of downloads (and cells). Maybe heaven just got boroadband.

    Perhaps his new-found expertise in cell biology (presumably a degree by distance learning, via soul downloads) explains why he can so easily create images of himself in slices of toast.

    There's not much of this sophisticated technological or biological terminology in the Old Testament - it's mostly just smiting and slaying (and a worrying fascination with begetting).

  3. AnonymousJune 13, 2009

    Thankfully your are wiser than many - Dr Sha has quite a cult following (and is making 10's of millions).

    Currently he has a book campaign (thats the only reason his books are best sellers) to promote his latest book, just released- check it out:

    You can read about the cult at these links:,57321

  4. sha is making millions off his 'enlightenment' business. his workshops are mostly promotional sells. he charges thousands of dollars for each special download--and he has hundreds to choose from--that heals or clears karma. all he does is yell, 'transmission!' and magically everyone is fixed. the only feedback is given by his disciples third-eye, which cannot be measured. of course, this is the best part for sha: nothing can be verified.

    he didn't even write the books either, from what i read, a group of others did. his followers must buy hundreds of his books, too--the only reason he attained best seller status. the bottom line is the guy is deceitful, and if a supposed guru is deceitful when trying to sell his books, what about other, more important issues?

    a big, loud internal gong should sound telling anyone sha simply cannot be trusted.

  5. What has been amazing to me is how my mother and step-dad both well educated professional have been taken in by this cult leader.


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